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Tru-Trac Anti Roll Back Idler


Tru-Trac Anti Roll Back Idler

The Anti Roll Back idler is a one directional standard roller that is equipped with a brake system that prevents the idler from rolling back. Normally installed on long or steep inclines.

When fitted, it will:

• Reduce downtime
• Improve safety by minimising risk of injury
• Prevent damage to equipment

Anti Roll Back Idler

Main Features

  • The idler turns in the forward direction, for normal operation without adding friction.
  • In the event of a belt break, the belt reverses direction which activates the mechanism, locking the roller.
  • The Anti Roll Back rollers are the same size as a conventional roller and can be easily retrofitted into existing frames.
  •  Identification tags indicate left and right to assist with installation.
  • Reduces down time to pull the belts back in.
  • Improved Safety – no danger to workers when belt drops to the ground.
  • Prevents damage to structure and equipment when belt drops
  • Anti Roll Back idlers are available in various roll diameters (101Ø, 127Ø, 152Ø etc)
  • Anti Roll Back idlers are available in various shaft diameters (25Ø, 30Ø, 35Ø, 40Ø etc)
  • Various shaft end configurations available (open end, closed end, garland type and series 2000)
  • Idlers conform to the SANS 1313-1/3 specifications

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Product: Tru-Trac Anti Roll Back Idler
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