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TTR FI-4 / 6I-4


TTR FI-4 / 6I-4

The TTR FI-4 belt scale system boasts a high-precision fully floating pivotless weigh frame and a four-load cell design, ensuring accuracy for Critical Control Point applications and high-precision demands. With an achievable accuracy margin under 0.1%, it sets industry standards in metallurgical accounting.

Offering an optional six-idler design and seamless integration with the Tru-Trac® Remote Monitoring System, it optimizes efficiency and profit. Maintenance is simplified with semi-automatic calibration weights and optional automated calibration roller chains. The robust idler frame design, customized with various finishes, ensures durability, while Stainless-Steel construction is available for added resilience.


Main Features

  • Weigh Frame: High Precision fully floating pivotless design
  • Load Cell Design: 4 load cells, installed in tension
  • Enhanced Precision: Optional 6 idler design
  • Accuracy: Achievable accuracy error below 0.1%
  • Remote Monitoring: Compatible with Remote Monitoring
  • Calibration Convenience: Semi-Automatic calibration weights
  • Automated Calibration: Optional calibration with roller chains • Sturdy Idler Frame: Robust and improved design
  • Customized Finishes: Powder coated, painted, or galvanized
  • Stainless-Steel Option: Stainless-Steel construction available on request

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Product: TTR FI-4 / 6I-4
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