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Toro Reversible Secondary Scraper


Toro Reversible Secondary Scraper

Flexible solution for reversing conveyor belts

The Tru-Trac® Toro secondary belt scraper is an effective flexible secondary belt scraper that is suitable for reversing conveyor belts. The tungsten cartridge blade system allows for easy blade change-outs.

Toro Reversible Scraper

Main Features

  • Designed for Reversing Conveyor Belts – Such as shuttles or conveyors that roll back, trippers, due to its unique two-way rubber cushions.
  • Complete Cleaning – The tungsten carbide tips are independently tensioned by its own rubber cushion to maintain a consistent blade-to-belt pressure whichever way the belt is running.
  • Durable Construction – Consisting of a combination of stainless and corrosion-resistant steel parts and heavy duty cushions to endure the toughest and most extreme mining environments.
  • Long Lasting Abrasion Resistant – Proprietary formulated tungsten carbide blades provide and maintain an effective cleaning edge against the belt.
  • Rubber Cushions – Individual self tensioning rubber cushions ensure effective belt cleaning across the entire width of the belt.
  • Bolt-Up Tensioner – Ensures the scraper maintains a constant pressure on the belt to achieve consistent and effective cleaning.
  • Compact Design – Allows for an installation that requires less than 175mm clearance to be installed and maintained.
  • Quick Maintenance Minimal downtime when changing blades is achieved by using a unique change-out cartridge system which enables blade replacement within minutes.
  • Mechanical Fastener Friendly – The unique design of the Razorback Scraper can be installed on belts with mechanical fasteners and allows the mechanical splice to pass without causing damage to the belt, scraper or splice.

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Product: Toro Reversible Secondary Scraper
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