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Remote Monitoring System


Remote Monitoring System

Tru-Trac®’s Remote Monitoring System revolutionizes the management and operation of conveyor systems, providing a professional and technical solution for efficient belt scale performance monitoring and reporting. With advanced monitoring capabilities, this system offers real-time access to critical data, enabling users to remotely track performance and optimise mass balance. The benefits are manifold: improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime, enhanced accuracy, proactive maintenance, and increased productivity. By harnessing the power of Tru-Trac®’s Remote Monitoring System, businesses can achieve unparalleled control and maximize the overall performance of their conveyor systems, leading to significant cost savings and improved profits.

Tru-Trac Remote Monitoring System

Main Features

  • Real-Time Data Access: Instant access to real-time production data on your PC or mobile devices.
  • Cloud-Based Event Logging: Automatic logging of all production idling, downtime, and shutdown events
    to the cloud every minute.
  • Email Reports: Automatically generated and emailed reports for your convenience.
  • Tonnage and Loadings Tracking: Real-time monitoring of tonnage and loadings.
  • Production Targets Analysis: Analysis of the percentage of targets achieved compared to planned production targets.
  • Data Visualization: Automation of tables and charts for easy data visualization.
  • ERP Integration: API Integration for seamless connectivity with ERP Systems.
  • Equipment Efficiency Metrics: Monitoring OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and OOE
    (Overall Operational Effectiveness).
  • Alert System Customization: An automated and customizable alert system for timely notifications.
  • Connectivity Options: Flexible connectivity options, including Wi-Fi or GSM.
  • Customizable Parameters:
    Total tons
    Target tons
    Projected total tons
    Current feed rate
    Belt Loading
    Belt speed

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Product: Remote Monitoring System
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