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Mini Skalper Primary Scraper


Mini Skalper Primary Scraper

The Tru-Trac® Low Profile Primary Mini Skalper Scraper is designed for use where space and size is a factor. This belt scraper is designed to be used where the head pulley is less than 400mm in diameter or in tight locations.

Mini Skalper Scraper

Main Features

  • Low Profile – Designed for small diameter pulleys with space constraints.
  • Excellent Performance – Our patented Skalper Blade design maintains an effective cleaning edge throughout the life of the blade and can be changed for the optimum in blade coverage across the belt’s material carry path for better cleaning efficiency.
  • Quick-Change Blade –  Allows for maintenance to be done within minutes without the need for tools.
  • E-Z Torque Tensioner (Lifetime Warranty) – Made out of stainless steel allows the blades to self-adjust and is the most robust and accurate belt scraper tensioner in the industry.
  • Improved Blade Profile – With renewing edge line
  • One Time Tensioning – The patented E-Z Torque Tensioner maintains constant tension throughout the life of the blade.
  • Unique Tensioning Spring – Provides a greater degree of tensioning per millimetre of blade versus alternative systems.
  • Easily Maintained – And tensioned from one side of the conveyor.

Various blade options available to suit specific applications.

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Product: Mini Skalper Primary Scraper
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