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NR HD Taper Trough Tracker (Patent Pending)


NR HD Taper Trough Tracker (Patent Pending)

The NR Heavy Duty Tru-Trac® Taper Trough Tracker offers the ultimate in tracking performance on the load-carrying side of conveyor belts. Mastered over 25 years of design and innovation, this design is highly responsive and quick to activate on both loaded and unloaded conveyor systems.

The NR Taper Trough Trackers offers exceptional tracking performance and the compact design enhances safety, performance and offers improved installation versatility. The NR Taper Trough Tracker is equally efficient on both Uni-directional or Bi-directional conveyor belts. The tracking action is activated by the tapered wing rollers which are lagged with premium rubber and designed to be compatible with troughing angles from 30° to 45° belts. The NR Tracker detect the slightest belt deviation and will activate the immediately as the belt moves off centre. The tracker works autonomously and continually to realign the belt.

New Taper Trough Tracker

Main Features

  • Exceptional Performance – The combination of the tapers and unique centre pivot, provide fast, reactive, autonomous and continuous tracking in all conditions;
  • Compact Design – enhances safety and versatility of application on any structure, and can be fitted under hoods and tripper cars.
  • Easily Adjustable – Manually adjust angle of wing rollers to ensure optimal performance without having to lift or stop the belt.
  • Longer life – upgraded premium rubber lagging on wing rolls offer extended working life of tracker unit and reducing total cost of ownership
  • Individual rollers for easy replacement – Both the taper wing and centre rollers can be individually replaced as wear occurs;
  • Enhanced Centre Pivot – The unique heavy duty pivot design provides instant activation to centralize the belt to keep it running centre;
  • Maintenance Free – Bearings do not require any greasing.
  • Bearings – Spherical Roller Bearings for heavy duty applications.
  • Lagging – Available in High Abrasive, Rubber Lagging, Polyurethane or Fire Retardant (FRAS) Lagging;
  • Operates in all conditions – Quick activation on both wet and dry conveyor belts;
  • Reversing Belts – Excellent performance in both directions

Available from 900mm – 1500mm

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Product: NR HD Taper Trough Tracker (Patent Pending)
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