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Dual Return Tracker Standard 


Dual Return Tracker Standard 

Tru-Trac ® Dual Return Trackers have been patented worldwide and have been developed to accommodate the excessive forces encountered with wide belts and heavy loads, as well as belts with speeds in excess of 4 m/s. An external central pivot mechanism was designed, obviating the need for a single, large drum, and enabling a concentric and balanced rotation to be achieved. This has resulted in extended bearing life and a very fast and effective tracking system. The split configuration has resulted in a highly responsive tracking action and the individual tracking rolls can be easily replaced as wear occurs. Furthermore, the Dual Return Tracker offers the ability to set the degree to which the Tracker will swing.

Dual Return Tracker

Main Features

  • Heavy Duty Robust Design – Built specifically for heavy-duty steel cord conveyor belts.
  • Improved Rugged Sealing System – Steel End caps are pressed into the bearing housings, these also function as a ‘flinger’ seal to prevent ingress of material.
  • High-Speed Belts – perfect for belt speeds exceeding 4m/s.
  • Individual rollers for easy replacement – separate tapered tracker rolls are mounted onto the centre pivot which can be individually replaced as wear occurs.
  • Enhanced Centre Pivot – Highly reactive heavy duty pivot is designed with an internal thrust bearing which is greasable from the mounting bracket.
  • Tensioning Bolts – Are incorporated into the bracket design, enabling the correct tension to easily be achieved.
  • Lagging – Covered with High Abrasive Natural Rubber.
  • Bearings – Standard deep groove Roller Bearing.
  • Operates in all conditions – Quick activation on both wet and dry belts, both above and below ground.
  • Reversing Belts – Excellent performance.
  • Frame – Total Height of tracker is 550mm.

Available from 750mm – 2100mm

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Product: Dual Return Tracker Standard 
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