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Compact V-Return Standard Tracker


Compact V-Return Standard Tracker

The Tru-Trac ® Compact Standard V-Return Tracker is patented and has been designed for V-Return conveyors belts with low height clearance. The Compact V-Return configuration offers excellent performance, without the requirement to flatten the belt before installing the tracker and will now fit into confined spaces.

Compact V-Return Tracker

Main Features

  • V-Return Configuration– Comes standard with 10-degree angle, compatible with 5 and 15-degree angle belt
  • Heavy Duty Robust Design – Built specifically for heavy-duty steel cord conveyor belts.
  • Improved Rugged Sealing System – Steel End caps are pressed into the bearing housings, these also function as a ‘flinger’ seal to prevent ingress of material.
  • High-Speed Belts – perfect for belt speeds exceeding 4m/s.
  • Individual rollers for easy replacement – separate tapered tracker rolls are mounted onto the centre pivot which can be individually replaced as wear occurs.
  • Enhanced Centre Pivot – Highly reactive heavy duty pivot is designed with an internal thrust bearing which is greasable from the mounting bracket.
  • Tensioning Bolts – Are incorporated into the bracket design, enabling the correct tension to easily be achieved.
  • Lagging – Covered with High Abrasive Natural Rubber.
  • Bearings – Standard deep groove Roller Bearing.
  • Operates in all conditions – Quick activation on both wet and dry belts, both above and below ground.
  • Reversing Belts – Excellent performance.
  • Adjustable Mounting – The mounting centres are adjustable, for more flexibility on fitting on non-standard structures and special brackets can be custom manufactured, if required.

Available from 900mm – 2100mm

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Product: Compact V-Return Standard Tracker
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