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Chevron Polyurethane Secondary Scraper


Chevron Polyurethane Secondary Scraper

The Tru-Trac Chevron Polyurethane belt scraper is specially designed to clean Chevron belts. The unique flexible Polyurethane fingers are embedded with steel tips, which uses a pulsating flicking action to clean the belt. The Chevron scraper is low maintenance and long lasting.

Chevron Scraper

Main Features

  • Designed for Chevron Conveyors – works on different types of chevron belts.
  • Self-Adjusting – the flexible polyurethane fingers automatically adjust to the belt surface to clean in between the chevrons cleats to maintain a consistent blade-to-belt pressure whichever way the belt is running.
  • Low Maintenance – the flexible design ensures that no build occurs on the blades, unlike brush scrapers which require continual cleaning.
  • Quick Maintenance – Minimal downtime when changing blades is achieved by using a unique change-out cartridge system which enables blade replacement within minutes.
  • Bolt-Up Tensioner – Ensures the scraper maintains a constant pressure on the belt to achieve consistent and effective cleaning.

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Product: Chevron Polyurethane Secondary Scraper
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