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Pulley Lagging


Pulley Lagging

Tru-Trac offers the highest quality pulley lagging for the African mining industry.

Pulley lagging protects and increases the life of your conveyor belt and pulleys by absorbing the wear between these interfacing components. Our lagging provides superior wear and offers optimal grip of the conveyor belt to minimize slippage.

Main Features

Rubber Lagging

Rubber lagging is the most commonly used pulley lagging. Rubber’s abrasion resistance, flexibility and coefficiency of friction makes this material a popular lagging choice. Rubber lagging increases grip and reduces wear of the pulley shell.

Ceramic Lagging

Ceramic dimple tile lagging is available for application on drive pulleys to increase performance. Plain ceramic tiled lagging is available for non-drive, high tension pulley or highly abrasive areas to minimise wear.

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Product: Pulley Lagging

Pulley Lagging

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