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Calibration Chain


Calibration Chain

The Tru-Trac® TTR AccuCal Roller Calibration Chain excels in the toughest conditions, offering unparalleled precision and safety for belt scale calibration. It replicates material loading dynamics accurately, maintaining consistent interaction with the conveyor belt.

By compensating for belt tension fluctuations, it significantly reduces calibration errors, ensuring thorough adaptation to belt behavior.

Featuring an automated Carousel and control panel, the TTR AccuCal system boosts safety and efficiency. Its innovative design redefines belt scale calibration standards, providing unmatched accuracy and reliability.

Calibration Chains

Main Features

  • Enhanced Accuracy:  Regular calibration with the roller chain ensures that your conveyor belt scale provides precise weight measurements, reducing errors and improving process control.
  • Reduced Downtime:  Quick and easy installation means minimal disruption to your operations during maintenance, keeping your production running smoothly.
  • Longevity:   The durable construction of the roller chain results in reduced maintenance and replacement costs, providing a reliable, long-term solution.
  • Flexibility:  Adjustability allows for real-time calibration changes, adapting to different materials and conditions, thus maintaining measurement accuracy.
  • Versatility:  Compatible with various conveyor belt scale models, the roller calibration chain can be used across multiple applications, making it a cost-effective investment for your weighing needs.

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Product: Calibration Chain
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