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Motorised Brush Scraper


Motorised Brush Scraper

The Tru-Trac Motorised Brush Scraper was developed to improve on the scraping experienced in various material handling situations, especially for cleaning fines, worn or ribbed conveyor belts. The cleaning function is one of a gentle sweeping motion across the surface of the belt.
Motorized Brush Scraper

Main Features

  • The scraper is driven by a powerful motor, installed either in-line or at 90 degrees.
  • The motor will be customised according supply voltage, to be specified.
  • This unit can fit on any conveyor structure.
  • The diameter of the brush is 220mm, and is replaceable once worn.
  • Excellent performance for cleaning fine material and cleaning damaged belts.

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Product: Motorised Brush Scraper
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