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BC2 Secondary Scraper – Coming Soon


BC2 Secondary Scraper – Coming Soon

Tru-Trac’s BC2 secondary belt scraper gives you the best possible cleaning efficiency. Each arm is pre-tensioned with a stainless steel torsion spring for constant tension and ease of installation. The bolt-on blades are automatically adjustable and can be removed from the arms for ease of replacement, cuts down on maintenance time and cost.


Main Features

  • High Belt Cleaning Efficiency – Is achieved by the constant tension provided by the patent-pending stainless steel spring self-tensioning arm assembly and propriety tungsten carbide blades.
  • Cost Effective – Each tungsten carbide blade can be replaced from the self-tensioning arms without the need to replace the arm every blade change.
  • Made for Mining and Tough Applications – Corrosion-resistant zinc-coated steel mounting tube and stainless steel spring self-tensioning arms and blades provide constant cleaning with no rust and long life.
  • Flexible Configuration – Engineered to be installed in different configurations and also gives you the option to locate the blades directly on the bottom of the head pulley.
  • Bolt-Up Tensioner – Ensures the scraper maintains a constant pressure on the belt to achieve consistent and effective cleaning.

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Product: BC2 Secondary Scraper – Coming Soon
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