Conveyor Training

Tru-Trac In-House Training

Tru-Trac offers Conveyor System Training programs to familiarise clients on the optimal and safe use of conveyors and related products.

The training includes training on best practices for personnel when using the conveyor systems as well as step-by-step instructions using everyday scenarios that one might face in using conveyors.

Courses offered include:

Where is the training held?

Training can be conducted at the Tru-Trac Training Centre which includes a Tru-Trac factory tour and a certificate on the successful completion of courses offered.  Alternatively we offer virtual training over Zoom or onsite training at the clients’ facility or mine.

Where possible, the training includes specific observations of the client’s operation from a survey conducted on site.


The duration of the training can be anywhere from 1 hour  to 3 days of training.

What does the training entail?

The training includes valuable information on topics such as: 

Tru-Trac Onsite training:

Tru-Trac provides onsite training for its customers in remote areas, ensuring that they receive the same degree of experience and technical competence as those who attend training at the Tru-Trac training facility at our Head Office in Centurion. This hands-on training is provided by certified trainers who are sent to a specific area to assist customers in running their plants efficiently and effectively.