Conveyor Surveys

Conveyor Surveys

Tru-Trac’s conveyor system surveys are holistic audits encompassing each component of the conveyor system. We have developed a proprietary digital Conveyor Audit reporting system that our technicians use daily to survey belts and send real-time feedback to our customers by email. The Tru-Trac Conveyor Survey reports provide comprehensive feedback on the condition and performance of each component in the system, together with photos showing areas of concern, required maintenance and recommendations on how to optimize your entire conveyor system.

Where immediate action is required, Warning Reports will be generated and sent to the relevant parties for immediate action.

Our technicians are highly experienced and trained to perform these inspections. We have teams conducting conveyor audits at customer sites across the African continent on a daily basis. Digital reports are distributed to relevant parties directly and records are maintained in a central repository for ease of reference.

Let our experts inspect your conveyor systems at no charge and provide you with a comprehensive report of your full conveyor system.