About us

Tru-Trac is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of conveyor belt solutions to the mining and bulk material handling industries worldwide. Located in Centurion, South Africa, Tru-Trac has a well-established sales and service presence throughout Southern Africa and most major mining regions on the African continent. Tru-Trac has today grown into a major intentional supplier of specialist conveyor components with an international sales and distribution network spanning 80 countries.

Conveyors are the lifeline of efficient operations and for over 25 years, Tru-Trac has helped the world’s biggest mining houses process minerals more efficiently, reliably and safely. We’ve built a repository of industry knowledge, technical expertise and the necessary operational scale, that gives us the ability to solve any conveyor problem you might face.

The problems we solve

Our service starts with understanding the root cause of your conveyor challenges, as well as their impact on your mining operation. 

With this knowledge as a foundation, we’re able to offer a full range of solutions for the following common conveyor problems:

Once the scope of your conveyor requirements are clear, we work with you to select the right products and ensure optimal positioning within your conveyor system. 

Installation of your conveyor components is handled by trained professionals.

Tru-Trac Trackers

Tru-Trac has more successful belt tracker installations than any other company in the world.

Our engineering team has unrivalled experience in the development and production of conveyor belt misalignment solutions. Tru-Trac pioneered and patented the self-tracking roller system that has become the gold standard for resolving conveyor belt misalignment worldwide. We have the most comprehensive range of belt tracking solutions available in the market to suit any application.

Tru-Trac trackers are effective, reliable, low maintenance and easy to install. Preventing belt misalignment and solving alignment problems will ultimately save costs, reduce downtime and enhance productivity and prevent damage to your belt and conveyor structure. With decades of experience and unrivalled depth of application data, our engineers have developed conveyor tracking products that outperform, outlast and outsell any other tracking product available in the market.

Why Tru-Trac?

We owe our success to loyal clients in the mining industry, and to the people who work in our business. Providing our staff with an enjoyable but challenging work environment, and investing the resources to upskill and empower them, is something we’re proud of.