We recognise your industry challenges

Our team of conveyor experts have the experience to help overcome your unique problems, whatever your industry and application. Our experience across multiple industries gives us unrivalled insight into the demands for efficiency. Tru-Trac will help you select the right combination of products to maximise the performance of your conveyor system.


Mining companies understand the problems associated with conveyor system inefficiency and breakdown and ultimately demand efficient and reliable performance from critical components in the conveyor system. Tru-Trac ultimately provides better results, longer service life, reduced downtime and lower operating costs.

Aggregate & Cement

Aggregate and Cement plants require equipment that ensures performance, controls dust and enhances productivity. By manufacturing durable, reliable and high-quality products, coupled with expert services, Tru-Trac aims to help these plants achieve their objectives.

Power Generation

Tru-Trac offers products that optimize the efficiency of conveyor system performance, assisting coal-fired power plants to run safely and effectively and keep up with the high demands of these plants.

Ports & Terminals

Offering conveyor solutions as efficient and flexible as you are when you are transporting a wide range of materials via complex conveyor systems, where uptime and reliability are critical.


Cost-effective product solutions to keep your operation and belts up and running at maximum productivity.


You can rely on Tru-Trac conveyor solutions to keep your belts working at optimum productivity while you are transporting the harshest, most abrasive products.

Paper & Pulp

Tru-Trac has conveyor products that meet the needs of the paper and pulp industry concerning every conveyor challenge, from wood chips, to particle board, to pulp and paper.

Smelters and Foundries

Our conveyor specialists have extensive experience with foundry plant operations and solving common problems that occur with complex conveyor systems operating between unloading areas, crushers and boilers.


Our specialised range of corrosion resistant products which are designed to last in the harshest and corrosive environments, ensuring optimal processing of your plant.


The patented Tru-TracĀ® Food Industry Trackers and Scrapers offer the most reliable and effective conveyor belt tracking and cleaning systems available for the food industry. Providing a range of products with FDA-compliant materials that are specifically designed for safe and effective use in the food industry.