Fast, Easy Alternatives to Vulcanization for Demanding Applications

Our selection features high-performance flexible screw splice rubber fastening systems, offering a reliable and robust belt splicing solution designed as an alternative to traditional vulcanization. Ideal for the toughest, most demanding applications, these systems enable a strong yet flexible splice that screws directly into the conveyor belt with exceptional precision. This innovative design not only stands out for its reliability but also for its speed and ease of installation in any environment.

Each fastening system is crafted from a top and bottom layer of rubber, reinforced with fabric plies for added strength. Pre-drilled holes allow for quick assembly using just screws and a standard cordless drill. This streamlined process creates a durable, flexible splice that provides the benefits of vulcanization without its inherent challenges. The system’s versatility allows for installation under any conditions, in any location, ensuring operational continuity and reduced downtime.

The systems come pre-equipped with assembly spacers that ensure the accurate alignment of the belt’s top and bottom covers, preserving the integrity of the conveyor belt. The included Pozidrive (PZ) bits make the setup process straightforward and efficient. Offering both robustness and ease of use, these fastening systems support quick, effective splicing that can be implemented anywhere, anytime.

Tru-Trac offers comprehensive support for all screw splice products, including free installation and training and additional resources upon request. Contact us for more details and to determine the best solution for your needs.


Important Notice & Disclaimer: Tru-Trac® wishes to inform our valued customers that we are no longer the exclusive official authorized distributor of MLT Super-Screw® products in the region. While we transition to selling only our own manufactured products, we will continue to sell our remaining stock of Super-Screw® products. Customers are invited to take advantage of attractive discounts on our remaining Super-Screw® products, while stocks last.

Tru-Trac’s own manufactured brand of belt splicing/repair products are sold under the brand name Tru-Screw™, details of which can be found elsewhere on our website.

For further information or to place an order, please contact us. Thank you for your continued support.