Conveyor Idlers and Frames


Conveyor Idlers and Frames

The conveying process would not be complete without idlers. They provide full-length support for the belt and conveyed material, keeping it from straining, drooping, and eventually failing. Conveyor idlers are frequently required to work in challenging conditions such as unclean, dusty, high humidity, and extreme heat or cold.

The Tru-Trac idlers are designed to have a minimal drag, break away mass and bearing misalignment. This allows the belt rollers to have a low friction force that extends the life of the conveyor idler.

The low drag and break away mass aid in the reduction of electrical consumption on start up and running of the conveyor system.

The custom designed seal prevents the ingress of water and dust, this allows for the maximum protection of the bearing by eliminating contamination of the bearings.