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Case Studies

Prevent belt misalignment issues

Tru-Trac Case Study

The Tru-Trac® Dual Return Tracker improves production uptime on a critical primary crusher belt conveyor at one of the largest Copper mines in Chile.


Copper Ore Mining


#3 Overlander Crusher Belt (High Tonnage – 10,800 tons per hour)


Tru-Trac® 2400mm Dual Return Tracker


To prevent belt tracking issues that caused the conveyor belt to mistrack when the belt was running but not loaded. 


The production department complained to the maintenance superintendents about the frequent stoppages of the conveyor belt for unknown reasons when running in dryer conditions without a counter weight. This particular conveyor belt tended to mistrack when the belt was running but not loaded. As a result, the mistrack sensors would constantly stop a conveyor belt that outputs roughly 10,800 tons of copper ore per hour.


Tru-Trac recommended a complete conveyor survey and had mine personnel describe the issues. After thorough analysis, Tru-Trac recommended installing two 2400mm

Dual Return trackers. With a solution in mind, the main issue the site faced was stopping operations for a prolonged period of time. With only 4 to 5 hours available for installation, both Dual Return trackers were installed on a Sunday while maintenance supervisors were on leave without contracting any additional resources.


Following Tru-Trac’s  improvements, the conveyor belt now remains centered when running without a load and does not trigger mistracking sensors which would cause unplanned down time, use of electrical personnel and unplanned production stoppage. As a result, on-site staff can now use the conveyor belt at all times and production in the copper mine has increased.

EX-HD Dual Return Trackers
EX-HD Dual Return Trackers
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