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Case Studies

Polyurethane Dual Return Trackers – damage to the belt has been completely eliminated

Case Study

Polyurethane Dual Return Trackers – damage to the belt has been completely eliminated

Tru Trac case study 4

The Tru-Trac® Dual Return Urethane Trackers save the day at This Copper Mine.


Copper Mining


Copper Tripper Shuttle Head Belts at Ore Crushing Plant 


Tru-Trac® 2400mm Dual Return Polyurethane Tracker


To track and align the conveyor belt on the return side of the belt before the loop take-up section, while leaving the 6 series deflector pulley system with double speed reducers.


The challenge involved an extreme incline conveyor belt 2400mm wide, with tandem drives and a 6 pulley take-up system. Due to the nature of this Drive system design, along with the speed of the belt and together with the high tonnage that this system see’s during each shift, severe belt mis-alignment was a serious problem. The conveyor belt had tracking problems on the return side of the conveyor, especially through the 6 pulley take-up system. This was exaggerated because of the incline and belt speed of this system. 


Tru-Trac®  recommended that two Polyurethane Dual Return 2400mm trackers be installed before and after the counterweight systems, while leaving the 6 series deflector pulleys in the loop take-up system. The current tracker was a 2100mm modified unit brought over from another conveyor system. The Polyurethane Dual Return trackers being installed would improve the tracking conditions in that section. This would centre the belt before those critical areas, avoiding the possible loss of material due to belt mis-tracking on this long high speed, high tonnage conveyor belt system. 


Following the installation of the Polyurethane Dual Return trackers, damage to the belt has been completely eliminated. There was also a significant improvement in the overall production output for the month following the installation. Due to the excellent performance of the Tru-Trac® Dual Return Urethane trackers, the customer is ordering several additional units as a new preventative maintenance implementation. 

EX-HD Dual Return Trackers
EX-HD Dual Return Trackers
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